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Posted on on October 7, 2018 | 20:52
[Corrected] Dungeon Monsters.

[Corrected] Devias Monsters.

[Corrected] Losttower Monsters.

[Corrected] Atlans Monsters.

[Corrected] Tarkan Monsters.

[Corrected] Icarus Monsters.

[Corrected] Aida Monsters.

[Corrected] Crywolf Monsters.

[Corrected] Kalima Monsters.

[Corrected] KanturRemain Monsters.

[Corrected] KanturRemain2 Monsters.

[Corrected] KanturRelic Monsters.

[Corrected] Blood Castle Monsters.

[Corrected] Chaos Castle Monsters.

[Disabled] Orb of Greater Defense drop.

[Added] Extra Jewel of Bless drop in Devil Square.

[Added] Extra Jewel of Soul drop in Blood Castle.

[Added] Extra Jewel of Creation drop in Icarus.

[Added] Extra Jewel of Life drop in Aida.

[Added] Extra Jewel of Chaos drop in Kalima.

[Added] Orb of Greater Fortitude drop.

[Added] Scroll of Soul Barrier drop.

[Added] Scroll of Critical Damage drop.

[Enabled] Orb of Greater Fortitude can be learned by Magic Gladiator.

[Corrected] Blood Castle Prizes.

[Corrected] Devil Square Prizes.

[Corrected] Zienna, Weapon Merchant.

[Added] Milestone Rewards.

[Corrected] Reset System - Points Per Reset 1000.

[Corrected] Maya Hands drop.

[Fixed] Invisible walls in Devias, Tarkan2, Dungeon.

[Fixed] Mana cost on skills.

[Added] New Noria Map.


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